From April 10th, 2020 through the end of this year...

Our food parcel distribution has been nothing short of a miracle.

Households averaging 5-6 people.

Some households had multiple families.

Through your donations and partnerships we were able to invest...

$156,600 which represents $15.50 per food parcel.

9,500 food parcels helped 47,500 people.

With COVID-19 continuing to cause great hardship...

There is still more to do.

So please donate today. Matching funds will DOUBLE your gift.

Working together to make a difference… one child at a time

what You can do

give the young, vulnerable children of South Africa’s disadvantaged communities a chance to transform their lives through education, healthcare and hope.  Read more…

how You can do it

become partners with like-minded people who want to make a difference. Side by Side forms partnerships between compassionate people like you, and dynamic, effective community leaders in South Africa. If you choose to contribute to our efforts, we keep you informed of needs in South Africa, and offer you an opportunity to give a child a chance at life. Read more..

what Side by Side does

we identify a South African Champion: a leader with a commitment to transforming their impoverished community through early child education and community services, a passion to make it happen, and demonstrated management skills to maintain the effort. Read more…

what You help Champions do

  • open Community Centers
  • establish Early Childhood Educational facilities
  • operate DayCare centers
  • run Adult educational and outreach programs
  • provide Supplemental nutritional supplies for malnourished children
  • build Community water projects
  • grow Community vegetable gardens
  • partner with South African and American churches.

Take a look…

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