• We seek out local black and white churches, local business, non-profit organizations and community leaders to encourage the formation of cooperative cross-cultural relationships with a Champion.
  • We support the Champion with start-up capital for carefully designed projects, and at the same time require a meaningful financial investment by the community that benefits. The people we work with must have an incentive to help themselves, and a stake in the outcome.
  • We provide short-term targeted managerial and financial support for three primary stages of a project’s development:
    • Phase 1: the initial development of physical infrastructure, if needed; for example the construction of a community center and creche facilities.
    • Phase 2: the development of staffing to operate the project, and funding management and support staff’s salaries, and the cost of training and requisite continuing eduction
    • Phase 3: develop a three to five year plan to insure the project is self-funding and sustainable