Bradley Stoffels

img_0540Bradley Stoffels was born and raised in Cape Flats, a township in Cape Town, South Africa. He studied theology at the age of 17 at the University of Stellenbosch, was ordained to the ministry at the tender age of 23. He is the minister of Hilton Congregation in Aliwal North, South Africa.

While at Aliwal North, with funds from SidebySide, Pastor Bradley has overseen the construction of a multi-purpose Community Center, and soup kitchen. The Center also provides other much needed community services. He formed a group of men called God’s Team of Motivators (GTM) who volunteer their time and skills to churches, organization and individuals that need assistance with building, remodeling and maintenance projects.

In 2008, Pastor Bradley established the Emmanuel Early Childhood Development Center, and with financial assistance from SidebySide, recently expanded it to include an innovative Home-based ECD program. He manages the Social Services NPO (GXD) that serves the needs of the children and families enrolled in Emmanuel. In his spare time he runs Ena Hodos, a program that reaches out to street kids on a monthly basis, sharing God’s love and grace.

Pastor Bradley loves to work with all ages, has a teachable spirit, and has the ability to adapt to any challenge that may come his way.