Greetings STM friends and family,

You’ll be encouraged by the wonderful report below about how your partnership with Second Table Ministries is making a difference in the lives of struggling South African families and children.

Plans for new community center in Boiketlong

We were very pleased during our trip in March by the growing community support for the new center in Boiketlong. We met with the Executive Mayor and other elected officials. After seeing what we have accomplished through our partnership with Maranatha Church in the Klipkop settlement, they’re eager to work with us.

Funds that many of you have given for the Boiketlong project will be held until we are cleared to move forward there.

Minister of Sports and Recreation, Mrs. Raikane, Executive Mayor of Sedibeng Simon Mofokeng, and Mayor of Emfuleni, Mrs. Hlongwane

Daycare center at Klipkop is overflowing

Meanwhile, the multipurpose center at Klipkop is bursting at the seams. Our partners there have obtained funding for 11 outreach workers. In addition to their work with families in the settlement, they’re also providing after-school care, tutoring, and meals for about 300 kids each day. And the church that meets at the center continues to grow.

The in-center daycare (often called a crèche) is overflowing with orphans and vulnerable children. Originally planned for about 25 kids, the crèche now serves 120 little ones. We’ve had to close enrollment, even though many more families need this service.

Unfortunately, because of the crowded conditions and a recent push by the government to enforce its 2005 Child Care Act, we’ll have to comply with their requirements soon, or risk closure. Our partners, Maranatha and Etelalong Pele, are pleading with us to help.

The two rooms available for the Klipkop crèche are now jam packed with orphans and vulnerable children.

Two options for moving forward

  1. To build a new crèche on the site (there is room for this) and relocate the kids to this new building.
  2. Set up a home-based Early Childhood Development program wherein mothers and grandmothers are trained to care for children in their homes. With careful supervision and social worker support, each caregiver is allowed up to 6 children without requirement for government approval. As you may remember, we have such a program up and running at Aliwal North Church. It’s working exceptionally well.

The home based care approach, we believe, will be our best option. More women will be trained, giving them marketable skills. Plus the personalized approach with trained caregivers provides better mental, physical, and emotional support.

Your partnership with STM will make it happen!

We’re working now with both our South African partners and other potential supporters to see if some sort of Second Table Ministries financial match program will enable us to get this underway. The intent, as at Aliwal North, is to get this off the ground for a year or so and then move to total support from South African sources.

Please consider whether this is a ministry that touches your heart strings. The only way we’ll be able to respond to these amazing service opportunities is through your partnership.

We’re so grateful for your interest, your prayers, and your financial support.

Wendell Verduin