Kelly and I have just returned from a very productive three-week implementation trip to Klipkop and Heilbron.  STM has launched two church/community center projects in these poor settlements.  From these new centers orphans will be cared for, hungry kids will be fed, worship services will be held, outreach care will be administered, job training will take place, the communities will gather.

These will be self-help centers, directed and administered by settlement leaders, working to solve their own problems collaboratively with help from the broader community.

Klipkop Bldg construction
New Church/Center at Klipkop Takes Shape After Nearly Four Years of Planning
Shooting Heilbron building elevation
Builder Johan Nelson & His Crew Layout New Church/Center at Heilbron
These communities are excited beyond belief.  (The Heilbron project launch covered the full front page in the local paper.)  Much more news will follow soon.We will need all the contributions we can muster, small and large, to pull this together.  Won’t you join with us for one of the most satisfying trips into the world of self-help service to the poor in South Africa.

Wendell Verduin