Hi. Just an update from Heilbron. Friday we arrived in Heilbron. We’re staying at a guesthouse where Swart and Maria stay when Swart preaches here. Yesterday W did not feel well – headache and nausea. We both think it was related to something he ate – he had not been taking his pepto bismol regularly. He did his building construction presentation to the Heilbron executive committee yesterday morning (they unanimously approved the Letter of Understanding and the plans). He gutted it out but could not continue with the afternoon management training session. We returned to the guesthouse and he slept for a couple hours during which time Maria and I had an opportunity to catch up with family and church stuff. It was great since we never have a time to just talk. When W got up he felt much better (which is why we think it was “something he ate.”) We had another rip roaring thunderstorm last night – something that felt like we were on a movie set – it didn’t seem real. Right now (8:25 am) it has started up again. Guess its very common weather for this area this time of the year (we are about 75k from Vanderbijlpark). Don’t know what will happen at church today – the shack won’t hold everyone. We heard that they had planned to erect a tent on the new site – not sure how that will go in this weather but we shall see. Later on we meet with the builder, Johan Nelson (very nice guy) to talk about next steps with him. Tomorrow morning Wendell and Johan will stake out the new building on the site and then we head back to Vanderbijlpark for the week until we leave for Aliwal North next Saturday. Tomorrow we will go to Mark Heap’s weekend place on the Vaal River for a braai and a boat trip.

We have said many times we are so thankful we didn’t have a group this time but in spite of W’s health issues it has been a very productive trip thus far.