Hi. Attached is a photo of part of the front page of today’s Heilbron Herald – “Big Dream for new Center.” It shows us with the local Methodist Minister – Caryl Loots (the other white lady next to me), Johan Nelson, the builder (the other white guy) and the Heilbron URCSA building committee. The ground breaking of this building was big news – esp. big because it is happening in the settlement. There were 3 other photos to the side which I did not include. The gal who wrote the article and took the photos was hoping to write the article in English but unfortunately she was not able to do that so she likely will send us the text via email. The last sentence in the article has our STM website. The foundation is being dug by hand, as well as the ablution facilities (bathrooms) and caretakers house (which will eventually serve as a pastor’s home).

We were there all day today and the foundation digging continues. It rained very hard last night so that makes digging easier as this is a very rocky site.

Anyway, Johan Nelson picked up several copies of the paper for us to bring home. I think he was pretty pleased to have this article on the front page.