Hi guys. We are back at our home away from home, the Aark. We worshiped yesterday in a tent at the Heilbron site. It was stormy again Sat. nite and again Sun am so we were worried that the site would be a muddy mess. Fortunately the tent was erected Saturday before the rain began. When the service started the sun came out and it ended up being a nice day. It was packed – maybe 125 incl. kids. They sing but couldn’t dance much since there is no room. We gave them copies of the rendering of the building and the people are thrilled. They served lunch afterwards We will go back on Wed. for an official groundbreaking ceremony with Johan Nelson, the builder (really a great guy), and several of the members of the church. Johan grew up in Heilbron so he literally knows everybody. He called his friend who works at the Heilbron Herald to get him to come to the groundbreaking and write an article with photos. Johan says this kind of thing is big news for this small town. W and Johan will hopefully get to stake out the building as well. Johan says that assuming everything goes on schedule (but we shall see since as they say here “TIA” – “this is Africa”) the building should be completed by Feb. 28. Johan has also agreed to send photos showing progress since none of the council or building committee members have the technology to do this. Wendell has a Skype set up for Friday, Nov. 9 so we shall see how that goes. Communication is going to be our biggest obstacle.

As we have experienced before, these people have an amazing capacity to love. They are incredibly gracious to complete strangers. They really touched our hearts.

We had a great time with Swart and Maria.

Well, tonight we go to Mark Heap’s for a boat trip on the Vaal River and a braai (W can hardly wait for all that meat!). Me thinks pepto bismal is in order …