Hi all. Today was a monumental day at Heilbron. We broke ground for the new community center/church. Unfortunately it was a windy day and cold – not their typical weather for this time of year. There were prayers offered in Northern Sotho (pronounced “sutu), Afrikaans, and English. Wendell invited the local Methodist minister, Rev. Caryl Loots, a photographer from the Heilbron Herald took photos (this is a big deal in the settlements), the folks from the building committee, and the builder, Johan Nelson, and his crew, Santa, Johan’s wife, and myself, were all present. We had an “official groundbreaking” photo with some of the building committee and shovels. The building was laid out and then amazingly the crew began digging the foundation by hand. This is a very rocky site so they needed pick axes to break the ground while another person shoveled the dirt away. (see photos below) We did not expect to have the ground broken today so this is a wonderful thing. People are so excited and so thankful. Johan and his wife, Santa (a nickname from her first and middle names), are wonderful folks. We are so thankful to have found Johan. He was born and raised in Heilbron – this is a very small town and there really is not much here. Thankfully it is only about a 45 min. drive from Vanderbijlpark.

Tomorrow we will go see Flora at the Evaton Noord creche.

We found out today from Mark Heap that the steel is supposed to be delivered to Klipkop on Monday (there has been a transit strike so this has been delayed). Mark says the structure will be up and roof on by the end of the day. THAT we will have to see – for as they say here “TIA.” (This is Africa)

Joann is having a wonderful time in Aliwal North – she arrived there on Monday. This trip has been everything she hoped for which we are very pleased. For those who have not been here, it is so hard to describe these experiences. Words, and even pictures are not enough. As we have read in our Sunday book study, so many things we know are true – things we see on TV, on the internet, read in the paper, but they can only become REAL through experience.

Blessings to you all,

Kelly (& W)