Oasis of Hope Center Mookgophong South Africa – making do with what you have.

Our partners in South Africa know how to extend their services with little.

Whether it’s renovating a shack to build a community kitchen …



Teaching children about the importance of saving money by decorating and converting discarded plastic soda bottles into “piggy” banks …

or, helping little ones to make musical instruments from discarded sticks, cans and bottles …    

our Mookgophong partners, Desiree and Peter Fisher, know how to make a community center run with very little. 

Won’t you join us helping Desiree extend her care for the children of Mookgophong?  Just $47 per child provides the tables, chairs, and training supplies needed for her to care for a child for a full year.  Each $14 per child helps her provide a daily nutritious meal for each child for a year.

Wendell Verduin