General Medicine Mobile Clinic

There is a far better way to provide healthcare and reduce the pressure on already overwhelmed clinics and hospitals: mobile health clinics that are nurse-led, doctor-supervised, and capable of serving a large population.

Right now, through a unique partnership, we have the chance to buy and put into service two mobile medical clinics that will reach 10 isolated settlements with about 238,000 people. We’re talking about community-transforming potential here.

SidebySide and Hope4Health, the organization that will manage this project for us, are in discussions with the Gauteng Health Department, the South Africa Medical Association (SAMA), the South Africa Nurses Association, area hospitals, and other healthcare entities.

All are enthusiastic about this plan and believe that once success has been demonstrated — significantly improved health care AND reduced pressure on hospitals — there is great potential for long-term funding and expansion to many other South African communities.