Champions! These are some of our partners in South Africa. They are true heroes in the most profound sense of the word. Each one grapples with gigantic needs; a systemic poverty that sucks out life and crushes the spirit of whole communities; severe malnutrition and limited access to clean water; an entire generation of children living in desperately poor shack-towns with little or no chance to receive an education, which is their best hope for a better future.

South African Champions face these challenges head on; they build community centers and creches using tin sheets and mud bricks; offer food to hungry children by inspiring people in their community to share the little they have with those who have nothing to eat; open their homes and churches to care for orphaned infants whose parents died of AIDs or simply abandoned them out of despair; provide daycare for pre-school children to allow parents to seek whatever work they can; establish Early Childhood Development Centers, scraping together curriculum and any supplies they can find.

Side by Side finds these Champions already hard at work, and seeks to come alongside them, joining them in their struggle, sharing with them out of our own blessings- the money you give, modern technology and management techniques, our friendship and humble admiration for these Champions who do so much with so little. Will you partner with us, and give a South African child a chance?


Our Ambassadors of Women’s Health

Constance Mpolokeng, Mondo Thembi, Florance Masisi, Mpho Molakeng, Maleshwane Mofokeng