Hi. I uploaded photos to a new Aliwal North folder in dropbox (dated today 10/27) showing photos from the church service and the meal program afterwards. We estimate about 100 kids – 100 very noisy kids! As I mentioned in the dropbox invite today’s service included 5 infant baptisms, 1 adult baptism, two confessions of faith, 8-9 folks ordained as ward leaders, two choir numbers, one children’s choir number, communion (what a REAL celebration!), birthdays, the offering, and of course a sermon (which didn’t happen until 3 hours into the service). What an amazing celebration – lots (and I mean LOTS) of music. Afterwards the children were fed in the hall. Then there is a concert here at the church at 3 pm. Clearly Sunday is a day to set aside to celebrate as the Lord’s day. It makes me feel sad for the folks who are impatient when our service goes 10 minutes past an hour. They clearly don’t get it … we could really learn something from our brothers and sisters here. Joann has had an amazing week here at Aliwal North … she will have stories to tell and photos to share. She even spoke to three different classes at the primary school across the street from the church. Imagine that!

Enjoy the photos and we’ll see you in a few days. Hopefully this big storm happening on the East Coast won’t delay our return …


K, W & J