Dear Friend of Second Table Ministries,


In the shanty towns of South Africa, there is urgent need for quality day care for young children.  Many are orphans cared for by family members, siblings, or neighbors.  South Africa leads the world in the number of people affected by HIV/AIDS.  The ravages of AIDS result in incredibly high numbers of young children who struggle to get by without parents or effective caregivers during their most critical development years.


STM is working to give these at-risk kids a better life.


With the cooperation of our Aliwal North church partner, and with help from Poulsbo NK Rotary, Caring Clowns International (Poulsbo), and North Point Church in Poulsbo, STM has launched an innovative early childhood development program. 




Aliwal North URCSA church has provided the community center facility in which 5 caregivers care for 80 children.

Poulsbo Rotary and Caring Clowns International have provided the playground equipment and are helping with caregiver training. 







Eight mothers and grandmothers are functioning as caregivers using project-supplied curriculum and training to care for 48 children in their homes. 





Elizebeth Jansan, a retired teacher, is providing parent-paid after-school tutoring for 25 elementary kids.  


Parents who can afford it will pay partial cost of care, and local businesses will provide resources to help with meal supplies and other needed items.


A critical component of the program is the training of caregivers.  Once their training is completed, they can continue in this program or use their skills to work in other care facilities.


The caregivers are enthusiastic about the training, as it provides income opportunities they would not have had.  And, of course, the children are receiving a higher quality of care than they would have.


The total cost to care for 153 children for one year is approximately R802,244, or about $73,000.  Of this, about $43,000 is provided by South Africa sources, including parents fees, government support, and help from the private sector.  Poulsbo collaborators will provide about $30,000.  Our objective is to demonstrate the effectiveness of this plan – especially the home care component – and ultimately obtain full support from sources in South Africa, beginning in 2016.


Thank you for your help in providing South Africa’s children with the care and opportunities they need so desperately. 



Wendell Verduin