Aliwal North Women’s Group

It’s now Saturday late afternoon We just completed a six day stay at Aliwal North. My soul is still soaring on eagles’ wings with the love we shared with Pastor Bradley and his congregation – joyful celebration in the Lord’s Supper, our tithes and offerings, fellowship with the women’s group, home visits to share communion with a couple of infirmed ladies, and finally visits with the Home-Based Early Childhood Development caregivers in their actual homes with their six children each. These visits resulted in sharing God’s love with each other.


Our chauffeur

630 miles NE later, God & Kelly got us safely to Graskop for a late afternoon rest at our guest house. Breathtaking mountain scenery, lilies, cosmos and sunflowers blooming alongside the road. We’ll be worshipping Sunday at the Ohrigstad URCSA which is located in the very rural area of Kgautswane.

Love you all from Joann, Kelly & Wendell too. Poor Wendell, having to put up with 3 women 24/7! He has even put up with a little retail therapy but since Kelly is driving, he has no choice =) (Did I mention that Kelly is driving on the other side of the car, on the other side of the road, at the bottom of the world? Which means we’re upside down too.)

Signing off – GM

PS I think Kelly has Dropboxed some recent photos.


More clowning around


Creche Clowns


Aliwal North Home Based Care






God Has No Favourites